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#199 10 Application Lessons from 10 Years of Touch MBA

“La perfección es una pulida collection de errores.”

“Perfection is a polished collection of errors.”

– Mario Benedetti

We’re nearing 200 episodes of Touch MBA. Feeling nostalgic, Darren reflects on 10 lessons for applicants from 10 years of Touch MBA!

10 Lessons from 10 Years of Touch MBA

  • Introduction (0:00)
  • Know Your Must Haves (2:00)
  • Work on Your MBA Pitch with Others (5:50)
  • Master the MBA Coffee Chat (9:10)
  • Connect Your MBA Objectives with Those of MBA Admissions (12:45)
  • The GMAT Matters (16:15)
  • Resumes: Show How You’ve Impacted Organizations (19:12)
  • Essays: Unforgettable > Impressive (21:15)
  • Interviews: Answer the Questions Behind the Questions (30:40)
  • Selecting Business Schools: Who Do You Want to Marry? (33:15)
  • Careers: Be Humble, Hungry, and Do Your Homework (36:15)

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