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#157 Management Consulting & Student Life at Insead with Massine Bouzerar ’19J

“Push aside the FOMO, enjoy the moment while you’re there, and know that it’s not actually 10 months, but a lifelong experience that you’ll get with your class.”

Around half of Insead MBA graduates end up working in consulting each year. Darren invites Massine Bouzerar, Insead MBA ’19J, to share how he landed a job with Bain & Company AND made the most of his ten months at Insead’s Fontainebleau campus.


  • Massine’s overview of management consulting recruiting at Insead (4:35)
  • Differentiating yourself from thousands of other MBA students applying to consulting firms (7:55)
  • How Massine’s career plans evolved at Insead (10:30)
  • Work visas in Europe for non-Europeans (12:35)
  • How Massine explored consulting offices worldwide (14:46)
  • What helped Massine prepare for recruiting in management consulting (18:00)
  • The culture of recruiting at Insead (20:55)
  • Student clubs and recruiting (24:10)
  • Recruiting for non-consulting jobs (26:00)
  • Dealing with FOMO in a 1-year program (29:20)
  • Making connections at Insead (31:40)
  • Academics at Insead (32:55)
  • Massine’s takeaways from his MBA experience (40:23)
  • Outsead, Insead’s LGBTQ+ student club (44:20)
  • Dating at Insead (47:56)
  • Massine’s final thoughts (51:00)

About Massine

Massine Bouzerar worked as a product manager and e-commerce strategist in Canada before attending the Insead MBA. Massine served as President of Outsead, Insead’s LGBT+ student club, and as the academic representative for his section. He currently is an Associate for Bain & Company in Brussels.

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