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#180 The Fully Funded MBA with Samuel Adeoye, UBC Sauder MBA ’22

“I needed a fully-funded MBA program. I did not care whether it was a top 10, 20 or 50 or top whatever… I was only caring about my metrics. Could this school get me to where I wanted to get to, and that decided the schools I applied to.”

Samuel Adeoye, UBC Sauder MBA ’22, has an amazing story to tell about applying to 18 business schools over two years, and getting full-scholarship awards at 8 of them. How was he able to do this? And what has he learned from his application journey from Abuja, Nigeria to Vancouver, Canada?


  • Samuel’s background (4:18)
  • Samuel’s 2-year journey applying to over 15 business schools (8:00)
  • Samuel’s advice to low income applicants on applying to business schools and winning scholarships (20:52)
  • Why Samuel started City of Lane and LanePod (30:40)
  • Samuel’s Sauder MBA experience so far and landing an internship at Microsoft (41:54)

About Samuel

After getting his Bachelors of Science in Civil Engineering from the University of Ibadan in Nigeria, Samuel Adeoye interned as a Highway and Transportation Engineer while launching a podcast tech startup, and then worked as an Implementation & Design Engineer for Arup, a global architecture and civil engineering consulting firm. He then worked as a consultant for The Bluepen Company, a boutique consulting company serving small and medium sized enterprises in Nigeria.

In March 2020, Samuel founded City of Lane, a community of MBA Alumni, students and applicants looking to leverage their MBA experience for an economically and politically inclusive Africa.

Samuel is currently a Mastercard Scholar pursuing his MBA at the University of British Columbia’s Sauder School of Business, in Vancouver, Canada.

Samuel representing UBC!

Show Notes


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