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#99 Preparing for MBA Interviews with Vince Ricci

Vince Ricci of VincePrep

“You should prepare for the interview for what it really is. The hardest thing is to shift gears. The admissions process is like a triathlon. If test prep is the swim, and the written application is the bike, then get off the bike and start running. Switch gears. Don’t write scripts. Prepare for interviews by having conversations.”

Vince Ricci from VincePrep shares his best MBA interview preparation tips, from mindset to strategy to tactics. Vince has some of the most downloaded Youtube videos on MBA interviews and has helped hundreds of applicants get past this final hurdle so don’t miss this one!

About Our Guest

Vince Ricci is Director of Admissions Counseling for Agos Japan and Owner of, where he has produced over 120 videos on how applicants can ace their MBA essays and interviews. Vince has been a Graduate Admissions Consultant for over 15 years and currently serves as President of The Association of International Graduate Admissions Consultants (AIGAC). He got Bachelors from Stanford University and Masters in Instructional Design from New York University. Vince currently lives in Tokyo with his family.

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