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#121 21 MBA Application Questions Answered

7 senior MBA Admissions Directors from Berkeley Haas, Cornell Johnson, Virginia Darden, Duke Fuqua, NYU Stern, Michigan Ross, and Yale School of Management came to Vietnam this Fall for an MBA admissions panel.

Darren shares the questions asked and lessons learned from the event.


  1. GMAT or GRE – does it matter? (5:08)
  2. How do schools evaluate undergrad transcripts? (5:39)
  3. Should only business students apply for MBAs? (6:32)
  4. What does the ideal resume look like? (7:33)
  5. What do adcoms want to see in essays? (9:19)
  6. Optional essay – should it be used? (11:13)
  7. Letter of recommendations – what are b-schools looking for? (13:24)
  8. Tips for interviews? (15:25)
  9. How can applicants show interest in programs? (17:32)
  10. What if your recommender is not a native English speaker? (18:06)
  11. Common myths in the MBA application process? (18:25)
  12. Does visiting a school campus increase chances? (21:03)
  13. How do schools view multiple GMAT scores? (22:08)
  14. How are IR and AWA evaluated and used? (23:27)
  15. What if adcoms see conflicting evidence/data points for quant scores? (23:57)
  16. Is international experience important? (26:07)
  17. Interviews – is there any difference between adcom and student interviews? (27:47)
  18. Do adcoms consider how long you’ve worked for your recommender? (29:05)
  19. What is most stressful part of getting an MBA? (29:20)
  20. Rewarding part? (30:00)
  21. Bonus – Darren’s key takeaways from the event (31:42)

Admissions Directors at Multi-School Admissions Event in Ho Chi Minh (Sep 2017)

Eddie Asby (Cornell Johnson, Associate Director of Admissions & Financial Aid)
Candace Gonzales (Berkeley Haas, Associate Director of Admissions)
Rita Morrow (Virginia Darden, Associate Director of Admissions)
Jessica Brown (Duke Fuqua, Assistant Director of Admissions)
Taya Sapp (Michigan Ross, Associate Director of Admissions)
Maria Derlipanska (Yale Som, Associate Director of Admissions)
Fatema Dalal (NYU Stern, Director of MBA Admissions)

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