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#219 From Military to MBA, Consultant & More with Beau Gresham, NYU Stern MBA ’20 – “Find Your Champions”

“I had 2-3 champions at each consulting firm, which was a lot of work and a lot of networking, but it’s important to have and to build those relationships. That way, you gain a deeper understanding of what each firm is like – the similarities and differences across each. I recommend people – when you’re in business school – to recruit for the firm location you’re in, because it’s easier to network.”

Beau Gresham, Director of Strategic Initiatives at Mastercard and NYU Stern MBA ’20, shares his journey as an applicant, student, and alumni of NYU Stern. How did Beau transition from the military to consulting through the MBA? How was the NYU Stern Full-time MBA experience? How did Beau break into mergers & acquisitions consulting at Deloitte, and then land his current job at Mastercard? And how does Beau view the MBA three years after graduating?


  • Introduction (0:00)
  • Beau’s Background (4:00)
  • Beau’s MBA Application Journey & Lessons: School Selection, GMAT, Career Goals (6:30)
  • MBA Application Resources for Military Veterans (20:30)
  • Beau’s #1 Tip: Finding “Champions” at Your Target School (23:30)
  • Beau’s NYU Stern MBA Experience (33:30)
  • Breaking into Consulting- How Beau Landed his Internship & Job with Deloitte (39:00)
  • The NYU Stern Network in NYC & Study Abroad Trips (53:00)
  • Beau’s Post-MBA Career with Amazon & Deloitte (1:00:00)
  • Advancing at Deloitte & Transitioning to Mastercard (1:07:00)
  • Beau’s Last Tips for Applicants (1:21:00)

About Our Guest

Beau Gresham is Director of Strategic Initiatives in Cybersecurity at Mastercard. Previously, Beau worked as a Senior Consultant & Manager in M&A Strategy for Deloitte. Prior to his MBA, Beau served in the US Army in a variety of leadership, operational and combat roles, including as a Company Commander in Afghanistan.

Beau got his MBA from the NYU Stern School of Business with specializations in Finance, Strategy & Management, his Masters in Management and Leadership from Webster University and his Bachelors in Political Science & Government from the University of South Florida. He currently serves on the Stern Alumni Council.

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