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#82 What to Ask MBA Students, Alumni & Admissions Officers to Research Schools, Sharpen your Story & Improve Your Chances

Ben Parker

“I had worked on my application with at least 5-6 other people, my friends, people that I worked with, my fiancee, current students at schools I wanted to be at, and they had helped me absolutely to no end. You’ve got all your pieces there yourself, it’s just about bringing the right anecdotes to the front and framing it the right way.”

Ben Parker came to Touch MBA nine months ago for free school selection help. As an Australian government policy maker with little business experience, Ben struggled to understand the MBA world and find the right business schools.

In this episode, Ben shares his journey from researching MBA programs to getting accepted to London Business School and HKUST – all this despite having a less than stellar GMAT and GPA and a non-business background.

You’ll learn what to ask MBA students, alumni, and admissions to shortlist schools to make your story “glow” and improve your essays and interview performance. This episode is about assembling an army of advocates – friends, students, admissions staff – to support your candidacy and sanity during an emotionally challenging application process.


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