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#218 Lessons from Listeners (Vol. 2): Drawing a Roadmap for Admissions, Prioritizing Conversations, Prematurely Applying, Being Strategic Yet Flexible

“Non-traditional applicants generally have non-traditional goals, so draw a roadmap for the admission team clearly outlining how their program will specifically fit your goals and educational needs. How does their curriculum fill out your current weak areas? What university/department/business partnership are you most excited about? Show admissions that you have already connected the dots and that you belong here, regardless of your background.”
– Kate Galloway, Texas McCombs MBA ’20

Darren shares more hard-earned application lessons from four listeners (now graduated MBAs): drawing a roadmap for the admissions team, prioritizing conversations when picking schools, “prematurely applying” and being strategic yet flexible

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  • Introduction (0:00)
  • Tips for the Untraditional Applicant – Kate, Texas McCombs MBA (2:30)
  • Rankings Don’t Matter. Go Where You’ll Find the Conversations You Want to Have – Eileen, Oxford Said MBA (10:00)
  • Five Things I Learned When I Applied to Business School – Anonymous, NYU Stern Tech MBA (13:50)
  • Be Strategic, Yet Adaptable – Jasper, McMaster DeGroote MBA (20:15)

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