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Ten Ways to Help Touch MBA

In 2012, we started Touch MBA to help applicants shortlist and get into great b-schools, without having to pay thousands of dollars for consulting advice. The idea? Give the best MBA admissions advice for free – through a podcast and customized profile feedback – and attract top-ranked business schools to subsidize the cost. We’ve since given over 4,000 free profile reviews to applicants from over 50 countries.

Here is how you can help our small team continue our mission:

Spread the Word about Touch MBA

1. Tell your friends about the Touch MBA Podcast and Touch MBA’s profile review – both free! If you’ve found our podcast, guides and profile review helpful, please spread the word on MBA websites, forums, and other support groups you use.

2. Tell your business school’s admissions team about Touch MBA.  We’ve approached every top-ranked US, European, Canadian and Asian business school multiple times to be on the podcast.  So if your favorite school hasn’t been on the show, they need more convincing ;). Bonus: your MBA program gets publicity with our rock-star audience! If your b-school knows Touch MBA was a pivotal resource for you, they might consider advertising with us too. 

3. Leave us a review on your favorite podcast app. This only takes a minute, and helps more applicants discover the show, which builds our fan base.

Give Touch MBA an Emotional (and Financial) Boost

4. Tell us your MBA application results. Your success is what motivates us to keep producing the show, writing school guides, and giving customized feedback. Your results also improve our profile reviews so we can help future applicants.

5. Get the Admissions Edge, our online course. Learn proven strategies and application tips that have helped our “listeners” get into all top 25 ranked MBA programs. Darren uploads his most cutting edge application tips in our online MBA admissions course.

6. Treat us to a drink, meal or new microphone 😉. Our number one value is to advise you as we would a good friend. If you’d like to support the show – and give us encouragement to continue – you can do so here. Any amount is appreciated!  

Pay it Forward & Share Your Hard-Earned Insights with Future Applicants

7. Be an Ambassador for your MBA program. By sharing your experience you can help hundreds of applicants get a real-time, on-the-ground view of what the MBA experience is really like at your school. We are eager to feature students attending top programs outside the US too. Reach out to us here.

8. Share your best application tips on our blog. What do you wish you had known before you applied and attended business school? We’ll promote your piece with our audience so more applicants can benefit from your hard-earned insight (Example 1, 2, 3). Reach out to us here.

9. Share your best tips on the podcast. What perspective could you share that hasn’t been covered on the show? Most important is that it is insightful and useful for applicants. We’ve shared application tips, school experiences, career advice and more (Example 1, 2, 3). Get in touch with us here.

10. Partner with us. How can you help Touch MBA give applicants better information and guidance about top business schools worldwide? And make the best MBA investment? How can we help you? Get in touch here.

Thank you for your support!

Darren interviewing Shane Rai in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

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