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#221 Excellent Advice for Living (and MBA Applications!)

Inspired by Kevin Kelly’s Excellent Advice for Living: Wisdom I Wish I Knew Earlier, Darren shares 10 bits of life wisdom that could materially improve your chances of getting into business school and building a successful career.

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#220 GLOBIS MBA Program & Admissions Interview with Tomoya Nakamura – “Find Your Kokorozashi”

Professor Tomoya Nakamura, President of GLOBIS USA, discusses what makes the GLOBIS MBA unique, the school’s admissions process, career opportunities and more.

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#219 From Military to MBA, Consultant & More with Beau Gresham, NYU Stern MBA ’20 – “Find Your Champions”

Beau Gresham, Director of Strategic Initiatives at Mastercard and NYU Stern MBA ’20, shares his journey as an applicant, student, and alumni of NYU Stern. How did Beau transition from the military to consulting through the MBA? How was the NYU Stern Full-time MBA experience? How did Beau break into mergers & acquisitions consulting at Deloitte, and then land his current job at Mastercard? And how does Beau view the MBA three years after graduating?

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#218 Lessons from Listeners (Vol. 2): Drawing a Roadmap for Admissions, Prioritizing Conversations, Prematurely Applying, Being Strategic Yet Flexible

Darren shares more hard-earned application lessons from four listeners (now graduated MBAs): drawing a roadmap for the admissions team, prioritizing conversations when picking schools, “prematurely applying” and being strategic yet flexible

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#217 Lessons from Listeners (Vol. 1): Working for Unknown Companies, Determining Best-Fit Schools, Dealing with Dings

Darren shares three lessons from three admitted applicants that have stood the test of time: how to present yourself if you work for a relatively unknown company, how to determine best-fit b-schools, and how to deal with dings.

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#216 The GMAT Focus Episode (GRE, too)

Darren asks Admissions Directors from two top schools – Toronto Rotman (#1 in Canada) and IESE (#1 in Spain) – tough questions about the new GMAT Focus test and other standardized tests. Listen on to get your GMAT Focus questions answered and to understand how top b-schools use standardized test scores when making admissions decisions.

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#215 Frankfurt School of Finance & Management MBA Program & Admissions Interview with Prof. Adrian Buss

Dr. Adrian Buss, Associate Professor of Finance and Academic Director of MBA Programs, at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, discusses what makes the Frankfurt School’s MBA unique, the school’s admissions process, career opportunities and more.

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