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#138 MBA Resume Do’s and Don’ts (Plus Templates!)

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Your resume is often what MBA admissions officers first see, and frames how they view the rest of your profile. Follow this checklist of CV ‘do’s and don’ts’ to make make a strong first impression and set the stage for a successful application.

This is a re-run of Episode #6 Seven Deadly Sins of MBA Resumes and Rotman MBA’s Leigh Gauthier’s answer to the question we asked in Episode #100 What 1 Action Can Candidates Take to Dramatically Improve Their MBA Application?

The “7 deadly sins”

1. Too long
2. Hard on the eyes
3. Emphasizes the wrong thing(s)
4. It’s a job resume (not an MBA resume)
5. No evidence of impact
6. Lack of context for employers and accomplishments
7. No evidence of career progression

Leigh Gauthier’s Advice 

“For every resume bullet, ask yourself, ‘what have you done and how is the organization better for you having been there?’”

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