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#182 Inside the NUS MBA with Student Council President Safira Djati, NUS MBA ’22

“Be brave and open-minded. You will meet people with diverse backgrounds, cultures and thinking processes. Some conversations will be tough, during class and even outside class… It will help you a lot in dealing with stakeholders when you work for your future companies. Do hone your interpersonal and people skills during the MBA program. It’s a safe space for you to be bold and courageous.”

Safira Djati shares her journey from private equity analyst in Indonesia to the NUS MBA, where she is President of the NUS MBA Student Council. How has Covid affected the program and what has most surprised her about the NUS MBA so far? Safira shares the importance of student clubs and her takeaways from leading the 38th NUS MBA Student Council as its first female and Indonesian president. Finally, Safira touches on being a mother and making the most of her MBA.


  • Safira’s background, pre-MBA goals, and reasons for applying to NUS (3:20)
  • Safira’s NUS MBA experience vs. expectations (8:30)
  • MBA recruiting during Covid (14:00)
  • What Safira has learned from the MBA (17:00)
  • Singapore job-seeking as an international student (20:05)
  • Building connections in VC/PE (24:20)
  • Safira’s experience running for President and leading the 38th NUS MBA Student Council (30:10)
  • Safira’s advice for mom MBAs (46:20)
  • Safira’s last thoughts on making the most of your MBA (52:00)

About Safira

Safira Djati currently attends the NUS MBA. Prior to NUS, she worked as a Manager and Investment Analyst for PT PPA Capital in Jakarta, Indonesia. Safira graduated from Universitas Prasetiya Mulya with a Bachelors in Economics. Safira is President of the NUS MBA Student Council, runs her own jewelry business, XAVIA Jewelry, and is looking to pursue a private equity, venture capital or impact investment role after graduation.

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