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#202 Inside the National University of Singapore MBA with Tilla Caveng, NUS MBA ’24

“Being in the [NUS MBA] program is like traveling every day… The people I meet here everyday – my co-MBAs, my professors, the program office – they are from many different countries and interacting with them is like traveling the world, it’s a very amazing and warm experience.”

Tilla Caveng, a full-time MBA student at National University of Singapore (NUS) Business School, shares her top application tips and lessons learned from her first 6 months at NUS.


  • Introducing Tilla (0:00)
  • Tilla’s Pre-MBA Career & MBA Application Journey (2:52)
  • Tilla’s Best Application Tips (12:45)
  • Tilla’s NUS MBA Experience – What She Has Learned So Far (34:20)
  • Applying for Internships/Jobs & Networking as an International Student in Singapore (54:50)

About Tilla

Tilla Caveng is currently attending the Full-time NUS MBA program in Singapore, where she was awarded the NUS MBA Dean’s Award. Prior to NUS, Tilla worked for Kaiser Partner Wealth Advisors, a family-owned wealth advisor operating in Liechtenstein and Switzerland, as a business analyst and chief of staff for the CEO. She was a trainee lawyer at Baker McKenzie Switzerland. Tilla received her Masters and Bachelor of Law from University of Zurich.

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