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#71 How to Apply for Top MBAs with Tyler Cormney of MBA Prep School

MBA Prep School Tyler Cormney

“A good application does the heavy lifting for the admissions office…You’ve got to have your building blocks – content and messaging – in place before you start using your communication tools (i.e. essays). You got to have a blueprint otherwise what you’re building is not going to turn out the way you hoped.”

Over the past decade, Tyler Cormney and MBA Prep School have achieved a 90% success rate with clients at the world’s top schools. What are the key steps to preparing an application that puts you in the top 10%? Hint: it’s not your essay(s).

Don’t miss this value-packed episode and feel free to ask Tyler your questions in the comments!

About Our Guest

Tyler Cormney is the CEO and Co-Founder of MBA Prep School. Tyler graduated from Harvard Business School with Distinction and has a Masters Degree in Professional Writing from USC. Tyler has been helping MBA applicants for 10 years and his company has a 90% success rate for top-ranked business schools.


  1. Why preparing to apply is the most important step in the application process (3:47)
  2. How to determine your “points of difference” (6:50)
  3. Which points of difference should you highlight? (10:20)
  4. Career goals and how to tell your “career story” (12:45)
  5. A different and better way to answer “why do you need an MBA?” (17:40)
  6. Developing a compelling “career purpose” (19:28)
  7. How to show long-term and short-term MBA goals (24:10)
  8. Why self-reflection is the secret weapon in MBA applications (26:40)
  9. Admissions trends applicants should be aware of at top 7 schools (28:18)
  10. With schools shortening applications, how can applicants still tell their story? (33:28)
  11. Cultivating mentor relationships early for your recommendations (36:34)
  12. Common mistakes applicants make (37:44)
  13. The necessity of putting together a support team (40:20)

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