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#73 Which schools in which rounds? A Kellogg Admit Shares His Process

Dean Nordhielm Kellogg

“All of the schools are asking ‘What can you bring to us?’ What are you looking for from us?’ Going through the first two applications I was starting to get an answer to that question and by the third and fourth application I felt like I knew what they were looking for and what I brought to the table.”

At Touch MBA we help point applicants in the right direction when it comes to best-fit schools. But which schools should you target in the first, second or third rounds? Should you apply to all your top choices in round 1?

In this episode, Darren talks to Dean Nordheilm, an engineer with 2.5 years of experience who came to Touch MBA last Fall and just got into Kellogg. Dean applied to 4 top schools – Harvard Business School, Stanford GSB, MIT Sloan and Northwestern Kellogg – and learned many lessons along the way. We discuss his “round strategy” as well as how he positioned himself and researched schools. Don’t miss these great tips from someone who just got admitted!


  1. Dean’s background (2:32)
  2. Dean’s positioning tips (4:10)
  3. Researching and presenting your post-MBA goals (6:08)
  4. Which schools to apply to? (9:30)
  5. Dean’s round strategy and reflections (15:32)
  6. Do your applications get better to each subsequent school? (17:20)
  7. Getting recommendations for multiple rounds and schools (18:30)
  8. Not setting expectations too high (20:50)
  9. The importance of building up your application network (23:45)

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