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#156 Three Questions to Ask Before You Make a Career Move with Gary Lo

“Will the career move get you closer to who you aspire to become in 10-15 years? What other opportunities will be created with this move? If you receive a promotion when you get back to office tomorrow, how would you feel?”

Gary Lo, Managing Director of Glo Consulting and former Head of Admissions for the HKUST MBA, shares three questions to ask before you make a career move – MBA included. Aside from working for 10 different companies in 7 industries, Gary has counseled hundreds of MBAs and professionals as a career coach, so don’t miss this episode if you’re thinking about making a career move.


  • Gary’s three questions to ask before you make a career move (3:10)
  • Is following your passion practical? (13:50)
  • Why Gary believes 10-15 years is a good long-term planning period (23:04)
  • The power song exercise (26:55)
  • Applying Gary’s framework to the MBA: what should more MBA applicants consider before applying? (30:08)
  • How MBA recruiting has changed (39:25)
  • Gary’s questions to help MBA students breakthrough career planning paralysis (42:20)
  • Building your personal brand (46:20)

About Gary

Gary Lo is a seasoned trainer with extensive corporate experience. He spent most of his career working at Fortune 500 companies including LVMH, Apple, Unilever, GlaxoSmithKline and Nestle, with a scope covering the Greater China & APAC region. He was the former Head of Marketing & Admissions for the HKUST MBA Programs, and now serves as a Guest Lecturer for the HKU SPACE Institute for China Business and Nielsen University. He is also an appointed career coach for top Universities in the region, where he has trained hundreds of MBA and Masters students, professionals and corporate executives from all around the world. Gary holds an MBA degree from the HKUST Business School.

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