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#161 The Evolving Professional MBA with Chris Healy

There has never been a better time for a professional to undertake an MBA while they continue to work. The reason I say that is one, because of the number of options available to students in terms of program types and two, the amount of different world-class business schools offering these types programs now.

Do you have to quit your job to get your MBA? Darren invites Chris Healy from Alliance Manchester Business school to share how the part-time / professional MBA has evolved with new technology and student and employer demands. If you’re unsure about getting an online, blended, part-time or Executive MBA, you’ll get key insights from this episode.


  • How the part-time / professional MBA has evolved over the past 15 years (2:30)
  • How employers view part-time / professional MBAs (15:50)
  • Networking at b-school as a part-time / professional MBA (21:35)
  • The quality of online courses (27:20)
  • How do business schools with multiple campuses maintain quality of faculty? (33:25)
  • The advantages of dual-MBAs – getting a degree from two schools (37:00)
  • Grades, format, and commitment required of a typical Manchester MBA part-time course held over 6 months (40:35)
  • The future of part-time / professional MBAs (47:20)

About Our Guest

Chris Healy is Head of MBA Marketing & Recruitment for Alliance Manchester Business School at the University of Manchester. Chris has been in the business education industry for nearly 15 years and got his Bachelors in Consumer Marketing from Manchester Metropolitan University.

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