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#46 Steve Dalton’s The 2 Hour Job Search: The 80/20 Formula to Target Employers & Secure First Interviews

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“A common mistake people make when they make a list of employers to target is they work horizontally. They come up with one employer name and then grab a lot of information about that employer… The LAMP list works like an assembly line, you work your way vertically down each column. That way there’s an efficiency and economy of scale. The key is to not get bogged down in details.”

Are you struggling with post-MBA career goals in your application? Top business schools are looking for well-researched and realistic career goals. But exactly how can you do this? Especially when you’re strapped for time?

Steve Dalton, Senior Associate Director of the Career Management Center at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business and author of the 2 Hour Job Search, joined the show this week to share his systematic formula to efficiently and effectively target potential employers and secure the first interview.

Steve has delivered 2 Hour Job Search workshops to over 20 business schools, and his process is now part of the Fuqua MBA curriculum. I am a huge fan of the book and think it’s a must read for not only MBAs, but MBA applicants as well. You’ll also get a sneak peek of the strategic and tactical career guidance you’ll get at a bschool like Fuqua.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How to rig the job search in your favor and avoid artificial desperation
  • How to generate a list of 40 target employers in 40 minutes
  • The 3 pieces of data that are both easy to find and predictive of job search success
  • Steve’s LAMP method for prioritizing which employers to target
  • Why systematically building internal referrals at your target employers is the key to securing interviews in the online era
  • How to focus on “boosters” (people willing to help) vs. “obligates” or “curmudgeons”
  • How to prepare for informational interviews – whether for job searches or MBA programs
  • How to answer common interview questions like “Tell me about yourself” and “Why this MBA program?”
  • The TIARA framework to systematically build likeability with strangers
  • What Steve advises Fuqua MBAs to succeed in their job searches
  • And much, much more…

Don’t miss this episode if you’re planning your post-MBA career goals or looking to change jobs.

Show Notes

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4 thoughts on “#46 Steve Dalton’s The 2 Hour Job Search: The 80/20 Formula to Target Employers & Secure First Interviews

  1. Interesting episode. I just bought the book, after I also heard very good reviews from the Associate Director of INSEAD’s Career Management Center. I still have 2 months to read it and get ready before school starts!

    1. Ivan,

      First CONGRATULATIONS on getting into INSEAD. Awesome program and awesome news!

      I think it’s great that you’re starting your job search so early. But I guess you have to at any 1-year MBA program. I would encourage you to join Steve’s 2 Hour Job Search Group on LinkedIn. There’s a lot of good sharing on how people are using his techniques (which are constantly evolving). Keep us posted!

      1. Thanks Darren. Hey that’s also thanks to the INSEAD-focused podcasts you posted on Touch MBA, especially the one with Fortuna Admissions’ Caroline Diarte-Edwards, so thank you for this! 🙂

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