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#178 The McKinsey & Insead Experience with Milan Mecklenburg, Insead MBA ’18D

“The GMAT brings value beyond the business school application. It’s something you have on your profile for the rest of your life, which is easily comparable for people.”

Milan Mecklenburg, Insead MBA ’18D, shares his journey from studying theoretical physics at Cambridge to McKinsey Berlin to Insead and then back to McKinsey, this time in Vietnam. What has he learned from the journey?


  • Milan’s background (2:20)
  • Applying to Insead and getting sponsored by McKinsey (4:20)
  • Preparing for the GMAT (8:55)
  • Interviewing with McKinsey as an MBA student (11:20)
  • Milan’s McKinsey experience (18:28)
  • Milan’s Insead experience (22:42)
  • Making the most of 1-year and building your network at Insead (33:40)
  • Building self-awareness at Insead & McKinsey (39:45)
  • Picking classes & professors at Insead (44:55)

About Milan

After getting his Masters and Bachelors in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics from Cambridge University, Milan Mecklenburg worked for McKinsey in Berlin, who then sponsored his Insead MBA in 2018. He then joined McKinsey Vietnam’s office for two years. Milan is currently working as a freelance consultant and pursuing entrepreneurial projects. He runs a self improvement blog at

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