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#164 Inside the Virginia Darden MBA with Tawan (Tina) Suvapatrachai ’18

“After being at Darden for two years I think I have changed in a better way. I am now not shy to speak up during a meeting and share my thoughts on a topic. That is the big difference I can see coming out of business school. I have learned when and how to ask questions, especially in a formal business setting.”

Tawan (Tina) Suvapatrachai shares her MBA journey from Bangkok to Virginia Darden and then back to Thailand to do strategy for Samsung. Like many international applicants, Tina didn’t have the chance to visit her four target US business schools. How did she research schools and find her best fit? Why did she choose Darden and what did she take from her Darden MBA experience?


  • Tina’s background (3:40)
  • Tina’s school research and application tips (5:00)
  • How the MBA did not give Tina more career clarity, but rather a powerful career platform (11:30)
  • Common problems Tina sees from international MBA applicants (17:00)
  • Tina’s Darden experience (24:40)
  • Blending in as an international student (34:20)
  • How to make the most of the MBA experience (36:30)
  • The importance of the on-campus experience (39:00)
  • Tina’s internship and job search (42:05)
  • Tina’s big takeaways from her Darden experience (48:55)

About Tina

Tawan (Tina) Suvapatrachai works as a Channel Strategy Lead at Samsung in Bangkok, Thailand. Before getting her MBA Tina worked as an Account Manager at Proctor & Gamble. Tina got into Cambridge Judge, UCLA Anderson and NYU Stern, but chose to attend Virginia Darden, where she graduated in 2018. Tina got her B.S in Chemical Engineering from Penn State University.

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