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Thanks for your forum and video course, they are very useful and definitely fill an existing market gap.

Lawrence, Singapore
Lawrence, Singapore Accepted to Northwestern Kellogg

I have been accepted to Columbia early decision. Thank you very much, your help and resources really contributed a lot to this!

Neethling, South Africa
Neethling, South Africa Admitted to Columbia GSB

Expert Guidance at a Fraction of the Cost

Do you need an admissions consultant? Here’s the thing: consultants can help you, but you don’t need to hire one to learn their techniques.

I’ve seen firsthand the transformation made possible by applying a few simple (yet surprising) strategies that top admissions consultants use.

Most candidates are NOT submitting their strongest application. They just don’t know what to do because it's their first time applying. Imagine getting the same guidance from an admissions expert at a fraction of the cost.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a clear and concise plan to follow so that it’s not overwhelming and you confidently feel that you are doing it RIGHT?

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I’m very happy with my results and can’t thank you enough for providing a plethora of tools and information that helped me craft my story and present my best self to schools during the application process, in spite of my low GMAT.

Sabaina, USA
Sabaina, USA Accepted to Michigan Ross

I received just last Friday (merely hours apart!) admits to both schools. Carlson is offering some scholarship money, while W.P. Carey is offering a full ride. Thank you, Darren, for the tips and encouragement you’ve provided here. The videos and other resources helped a lot!

Remund, Philippines
Remund, Philippines Admitted to ASU W.P. Carey

Why Apply Alone when You Can Ask an Expert?

Stuck or unsure? Use the forum to get an outside opinion.

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Matt, USA

I'm going to Kelley (Indiana) where I received a full tuition scholarship. I did really well in the interview, and I used your four question types / stories framework that you detail in the course. Thanks for your help!

Matt, USA, Admitted to Indiana Kelley

The Admissions Edge Course:

Online training program to get you in top MBA programs

The Admissions Edge course is a 100% online training program. After you complete the payment, you will get access to the members-only area with all of the training videos, case-studies and exercises admissions consultants use to help their clients earn acceptance letters from the top-ranked business schools. Plus, access to the forum!

This course is for you if...

  • You're an MBA applicant who is short on time, but want to maximize your chances this application season
  • You are overwhelmed by the admissions process and want a clear and concise plan that will get you results
  • You aren't particularly "application savvy" and want someone to break it down for you step-by-step

Here's what this program does for you...

Module 1

What Are Admissions Committees Looking for?

  • Know the 3 big questions admissions officers have about your application
  • What you need to focus on to make it easier for adcoms to accept you
  • Score your profile's strengths and weaknesses with our Admissions Edge Rubric

Module 2

Your Application Timeline

  • The one factor that has a direct correlation with admit rates
  • What you should do first, second, and third, and when
  • How much time you should allocate for each part of your application

Module 3

What GMAT Score Do You Need?

  • Know exactly how adcoms view your GMAT - and what you need to score
  • How to interpret b-school GMAT averages, ranges and whether you need to retake
  • Who needs to improve their Verbal, Quant, AWA or IR scores and why

Module 4

Where Should You Apply?

  • A 5-step process to shortlist MBA programs that fit you & that you're competitive at
  • Proven ways to present compelling career goals that get adcoms excited
  • How to prepare & make the most of informational interviews with MBA students

Module 5

How to Impress with Your CV

  • The 7 most common mistakes MBA applicants make - and how to avoid them
  • Implementable tactics you can use right away to make your CV twice as impressive
  • Before and after case studies of effective CVs, resume guides and templates

Module 6

How to Find Your Best Story

  • Use these 3 exercises to find your strongest material that will hook adcoms
  • Rubrics to identify your best stories & most compelling key messages
  • An easy to follow worksheet and forum to help you decide which stories to use

Module 7

Essays: Show, Don't Tell

  • 6 storytelling techniques to get and keep your readers attention
  • Essay templates & strategies you can use to start your essays off with a bang
  • Sample essays from successful applicants to top-ranked business schools

Module 8

How to Get Great Recommendations

  • A process for determining who you should choose as your recommenders
  • What makes a great recommendation and how to best prepare your recommenders
  • Sample recommendations from successful applicants

Module 9

Ace Your Interviews

  • Knowing the questions behind the questions to save you time and stress
  • The most common interview questions and how to structure your answers
  • An interview prep guide - what exactly you need to do to prepare without overpreparing
Austin, USA

Great news! I am in for Duke and Oxford so I won't be needing these Round 2 schools after all. Thank you so much for your help throughout the process!

Austin, USA, Admitted to Duke Fuqua & Oxford Said

BONUS: Support and Encouragement on Your Journey

Thank you for all your advise and help, it was really helpful to get an insider perspective on MBA applications.

Nishant, India
Nishant, India Admitted to Chicago Booth

I started my admissions work very late in the game (about a month before due dates) so I really appreciated all the resources you offer. Came across Touch MBA and was so happy I did.

Clare, USA
Clare, USA Admitted to Harvard Business School

So I Know What You May Be Thinking...

Is there anything inside this course that I don’t know, or that I couldn’t find online for free? +

This course is based on a decade of MBA admissions experience and the techniques of successful applicants, but we want to give you a risk free way to decide for yourself. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with the online course & forum, just let us know within 60 days and we’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked.

Is this worth the money? +

One hour with top admissions consultants would cost you $300. You’re investing one-third of that to get proven application tips covering every part of your application (if you buy the online course), or two-thirds of that amount to get our course plus unlimited personal 1-1 help in the forum (if you buy the online course + forum). But again, see for yourself risk-free!

How long does this take? +

There are 9 video courses (2.5 hours of content). We recommended you complete the course over 3-4 weeks for best results. Some members take the course over 3-4 days. You can access the course and forum anytime that suits your timeline and needs

Does this work if I have a below average profile (i.e. GPA, GMAT, work experience)? +

Yes, it’s tough to get in with below par stats. BUT many applicants are targeting the wrong schools or underestimating their chances because they don't understand how admissions works. This is why a big part of the course is about how to select the right schools and understanding what takes place behind the scenes in b-school admissions.

How does the forum work? What questions can I ask in the forum? +

The forum is for you to get top level guidance and direction during your application journey. Here are some sample topics: "questions on post-MBA goals," "retake GMAT to increase low quant or gun for first round deadline," "resume order," "selection of recommenders," and "social media during application season." Members also share their backgrounds, experiences, and application tips. The forum is NOT for in-depth & detailed resume reviews, essay edits, application reviews, etc. If you need this comprehensive admissions consulting help, please check out our services here or our recommended consultants.

You can receive email alerts for forum topics you start or that interest you.

Darren will respond weekly to your forum questions so please plan ahead!

I must thank you since I have gotten interviews from all schools I applied to. Without your help, I don’t think I could have even moved onto the interview stage, especially for Oxford.

Yolanda, Singapore
Admitted to Oxford Said

I am excited to share that I will be attending Stanford GSB this fall. I again really appreciate your help thinking through different MBA options and your connection to [Admissions Edge Contact].

Alex, USA
Admitted to Stanford GSB

Thanks for your help throughout the process!

Michael, USA
Accepted to Duke Fuqua

I flew out to USC about two weeks ago and the interview went quite well, was very conversational. I just heard back tonight that they have offered me a spot.

Stephen, USA
Admitted to USC Marshall

Thank you so much for the insights. Much appreciated.

YY, Singapore
Admitted to Chicago Booth

I can’t wait to share this good news with you that I have been admitted in to ESADE and ESMT. Very very very excited!! Again, your help is significant especially in the interview phase. I would not secure this offer without your insightful instructions! I sincerely appreciate it!

Ranyi, China
Admitted to ESADE & ESMT

I just got the call! I've been admitted to Wharton!

Matt, USA
Admitted to Wharton

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