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#98 Insead Insights Real Time: President of Private Equity & Venture Capital Club, Rahul Kewalramani

Rahul Kewalramani, President of Insead Private Equity and Venture Capital Club

“Generally, alumni have been quite responsive to my emails but you need to put in the effort to get in touch with them, try to meet them when you’re in London, when you’re in Singapore and Hong Kong and build the relationship. That’s the number 1 way to get into these sectors [private equity, growth capital, venture capital] in my opinion.”

Rahul Kewalramani, Insead MBA 16D, shares his thoughts on leading the Insead Private Equity & Venture Capital club, finding jobs in Private Equity and Venture Capital, the January vs. September intake, differences between Singapore and Fountainebleu’s campus and cultures, exchanging at Wharton, bidding for exchanges/classes at Insead, entrepreneurship, hot industries at Insead and more.

About Our Guest

Rahul Kewalramani is getting his MBA at Insead, where he is President of the Insead Private Equity & Venture Capital Club. Rahul graduated from McGill University where he studied Economics and Finance. Prior to Insead, he worked for JP Morgan in Mergers & Acquisitions, Macquarie Group covering Telecoms, Media, Entertainment and Technology, and Redmart, an online grocery startup in Singapore, doing corporate development. He will graduate from Insead in December 2016.

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