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#110 Great MBA Letters of Recommendations with Caroline Diarte-Edwards

“As Admissions Director sometimes I would see recommendations with just a few lines for each question. It leaves you wondering – does this person not want to say anything else because they haven’t got anything good to say OR do they just not understand what’s expected? Sometimes that’s the case but that can be hard for the school to know. It’s important that the recommender is able to go into detail and give great illustrations of what you’ve done and what impact you’ve had.

Caroline Diarte Edwards and Darren cover best practices for securing great MBA letters of recommendation. Don’t miss this detailed and open-ended discussion between 2 former Admissions Directors so you can sidestep common mistakes and understand what top b-schools consider an excellent letter of recommendation.


  • Why recommendations are important (3:16)
  • Who to select as your recommender (6:06)
  • How to prepare and what to give your recommenders (19:06)
  • Last tips on to get great MBA recommendations (37:00)

About Our Guest

Caroline Diarte Edwards is Co-Founder and Director of Fortuna Admissions. Caroline was Director of Admissions for the Insead MBA from 2005 to 2012. Caroline got her MBA from Insead in 2003 and is a graduate of the University of Cambridge.

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