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#69 How One Listener Got Into Kellogg, Insead, Ross, Fuqua, Johnson and CEIBS


“The most important things applicants need to understand is that you’re not competing with everyone else… you’re competing with people who are most like yourself. You have different challenges to overcome depending on your background.”

Many of our podcast listeners come to Touch MBA to get free school selection help. One of them, Li Daming, recently got into Northwestern Kellogg, Insead, Michigan Ross, Duke Fuqua and Cornell Johnson with scholarship funding. How did he do it?

Daming has literally invested hundreds of hours (and plane miles!) in the application process – be sure to benefit from his experience as he shares his best tips. There’s lots of gold nuggets in this one. Enjoy…

I’m always excited to hear listeners succeed in their MBA journeys. If you would like to share your story, please get in touch – we’d love to feature you on the show or blog.


  1. Daming’s educational and professional background and career goals (3:25)
  2. Common misconceptions about MBA admissions (8:32)
  3. What if you don’t work for a well-known company? (12:02)
  4. Do you need a high GMAT to get in? (14:52)
  5. Daming’s process to select schools (16:56)
  6. How to research schools (20:19)
  7. How to tell your best story and Daming’s “fit in, stand out” positioning strategy (25:50)
  8. Recommendation tips (31:16)
  9. Daming’s top 3 interview tips (32:13)
  10. What questions to ask at the end of your interview (38:46)
  11. Final thoughts and advice (41:25)

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3 thoughts on “#69 How One Listener Got Into Kellogg, Insead, Ross, Fuqua, Johnson and CEIBS

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  2. Just my opinion, besides his careful preparation, the important thing here is that Li has an appealing profile, which includes international experience, to schools.

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