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#31 Application Tips for Older Candidates from MBAOver30 (admitted to Wharton, Booth and MIT Sloan)

Lawrence Cole MBAOver30

“Outside of making sure you show career progression and understanding more will be expected from you and that you’re showing impact and not aiming for investment banking or some young person’s profession, everything else is pretty much the same for older candidates as for everyone else.”

How did Lawrence Cole, author of the popular MBA applicant blog MBAOver30, get into Wharton, Chicago Booth and MIT Sloan as a 36 year old?

Just so you know his stats: Lawrence graduated from Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University in 2000, worked for over 10 years at UPS and Internet Brands, and “barely broke 700” on his GMAT. He also started 2 online businesses.

Lawrence is now a first year student at Wharton focused on entrepreneurship.

In this episode, you’ll hear Lawrence and I discuss application tips for older candidates including:

  • Why top-ranked MBAs tend to trend younger
  • The 2 application “booby traps” you must avoid
  • The importance of movement and believability in your application
  • How and why to gather as much experiential school data as possible
  • Why you shouldn’t force fit in your application
  • How to tie together work experience that might seem unrelated
  • Common traits adcoms look for from both older AND younger candidates: initiative, impact and purpose

This episode is a goldmine of admissions tips for older candidates. Lawrence has lived and breathed MBA applications for the past year. Be sure to learn from his experience!

Don’t miss this episode – one of our best yet.

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