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#26 Inside the INSEAD MBA with Viet Le Quoc ’13

INSEAD MBA Singapore Campus

“Ask your team about your essays, ‘does it sound like me? Would you interview me?'”

What is it really like to be an MBA student at INSEAD?

The best way to learn about a school is to talk to students and alumni. For those of you who don’t know anyone from INSEAD, this conversation may be the next best thing.

Viet Le Quoc graduated from INSEAD in July, and joined the show to discuss his school selection and application process, as well as his INSEAD experience. Viet studied at McGill in Canada and is a former consultant and investment banker.

In this episode, you’ll hear Viet and I discuss:

  • The 2 questions to ask alumni of top MBA programs
  • Why you need a good “team” of family and peers to read your essays
  • How to make your application stand out
  • What makes a good recommender and recommendation
  • Choosing between work and play at a 10 month intensive program
  • Cultural and interpersonal clash at INSEAD
  • The pros and cons of August and January intakes
  • Recruiting for those pursuing careers in Finance

Listen on to hear the perspective of a just graduated INSEAD alumn!


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This is our first time having MBA alumni on the show – we’d love to hear your thoughts on the podcast. Email Darren or comment below!

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