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#142 York Schulich MBA Program & Admissions Interview with Imran Kanga – “One of the most customizable programs in the world”

Imran Kanga, Assistant Director of Recruitment & Admissions, Schulich MBA

“We’re the only business school in the world to offer 18 different areas of specialization within the MBA. It’s one of the most customizable programs you’ll find in the world.

Imran Kanga, Assistant Director of Recruitment and Admissions, Schulich School of Business, discusses what makes the Schulich MBA unique, the school’s admissions process, career opportunities and more.

Program Highlights (5:13) | Admissions (22:00) | Scholarships (34:30) | Careers (37:25)

Schulich MBA Highlights (last updated Sep 2018)

  • Schulich has a Full-time MBA, International Full-time MBA, and MBA in India
  • The Full-time MBA lasts 16 or 20 months and has Jan (~100 students/year) and Sep intakes (~220 students/year)
  • Typical Class: 5-6 years work exp / 30-40 nationalities / 660-670 GMAT
  • Year 1 is focused on 12 core corses, Year 2 is focused on strategy field study consulting project, exchanges and specializations
  • Schulich offers 18 specializations, the most of any MBA in the world
  • Schulich is looking for individuals who are well-rounded team players
  • Graduates are eligible for a 3 year work permit post-graduation; plus, spouses of married students can get a work permit, children have access to free public education K-12, and the entire family has access to free healthcare while studying at Schulich
  • Placement, Class of 2017: 89% w/job offers w/in 3 months, $91,500 CAD average starting salary ($16,250 CAD average signing bonus)
  • Top Industries, Class of 2017: 21% financial services / 20% technology / 13% retail / 9% consulting / 8% real estate
  • Top Functions, Class of 2017: 23% finance and accounting / 20% marketing and sales / 18% operations / 16% consulting / 11% general management
  • 20-30% of class receive scholarships from $5,000 CAD to full tuition
  • Schulich has 30,000 alumni in 90 countries and 90 alumni chapters in 60 countries
  • Ranked #2 in Canada and #69 worldwide by The Economist 2017

About Our Guest

Imran Kanga is the Assistant Director of Recruitment and Admissions, Schulich School of Business at York University, where he manages global recruitment for Schulich’s Full-time MBA and International MBA. Imran joined Schulich’s admissions team after getting his International MBA from Schulich in 2010.

Show Notes

Updated Visa Options from Schulich

(last updated Sep 2018)

There are PR pathways that may be available to you before you come to Schulich based on your work experience, and certainly, once you complete a Schulich MBA, you would be even more competitively aligned for permanent residence.

In terms of your current options, you may want to consider your eligibility under the Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) program. The FSW program requires a minimum of 1 year of full time, skilled work experience (obtained anywhere in the world). There is no requirement to currently be, or have previously been in Canada. In addition to meeting the work experience requirements, you must also: 1) show that you have sufficient English OR French language proficiency by taking an approved language exam (IELTS General is required; TOEFL is not accepted for PR applications), 2) obtain an Educational Credential Assessment for your foreign education to determine its equivalence to Canadian education, 3) obtain 67 points or more on the Selection Factors grid, and 4) have sufficient settlement funds.

If, based on the above, you are eligible for the FSW program, you can then create a free online Express Entry profile, which will be assigned a ranking score (based on your age, language, education, etc). If your score is high enough, then you may receive an Invitation to Apply for permanent residence, at which time you would then submit a complete application for permanent residence. You can calculate your anticipated score here. PR applications through Express Entry are generally processed within 6 months (or less). Do note that while many people are eligible under the FSW program, they may not have sufficient points on their Express Entry profile to be invited to apply for PR. Obtaining a Schulich MBA would significantly increase your points, and make you much more competitive within the Express Entry candidate pool.

In addition, your Schulich MBA would open up your options under Ontario’s provincial nominee program. There is a stream specifically for Master’s graduates, as well as an Ontario Human Capital Priorities Stream that you may be eligible for. You can review the various Ontario provincial programs here:


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