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#75 Yale SOM MBA Admissions Interview with Bruce DelMonico – “Educating Leaders for Business & Society”

Bruce DelMonico Yale SOM

“There are 3 aspirations define the school right now which all feed into our mission: 1) to be the most integrated business school to its home university (Yale) 2) to be the most global US business school and 3) to be the best source of elevated leaders across all regions and sectors.”

This week Darren sat down with Bruce DelMonico, Assistant Dean and Director of Admissions at Yale School of Management, to discuss Yale’s mission of “educating leaders for business and society.” How does this translate into the curriculum? How does the school plan to evolve? And what does this mean from an admissions and career perspective? Don’t miss this very informative chat about what makes Yale unique and how you can give yourself the best shot of getting in.

About Our Guest

Bruce DelMonico is the Assistant Dean and Director of Admissions at Yale School of Management, where he has been for over 10 years. Prior to Yale, Bruce worked as an Attorney for 10 years. Bruce has a JD from University of Virginia School of Law and Masters in English from the University of Texas Austin.

What is relatively unique about the Yale MBA? What are its key advantages?

  • Yale pioneered an “integrated curriculum” where core courses are broken down not by functional area but by perspective i.e. Competitor, Customer, Investor, Employee, State & Society, The Global Macroeconomy, Operations Engine, Innovator, and Sourcing & Managing Funds
  • Yale uses the “raw case study” – students are presented extensive data about business situations, not a tidy 10-page case study
  • Yale requires students to participate in a global study, whether through an International Experience Course, Global Network Week or a semester-long exchange
  • Yale MBA students can take electives without limit outside the School of Management
  • Strong reputation for non-profit; ranked #1 by US News and World Report
  • Yale has loan forgiveness program for graduates who enter government or non-profit roles

Listen on for the insider’s scoop…

Touch MBA’s Yale School of Management MBA Fast Facts

Program Highlights (2:20)

  • Yale SOM founded in 1976
  • 1 intake / year in Fall
  • Length: 21 months
  • Campus in New Haven
  • 300 participants/intake
  • ~35-40 nationalities/intake, class is ~35% international
  • Students ranked Corporate Social Responsibility, Organizational Behavior and Economics highest
  • Structure – Year 1: Orientation to Management, Organizational Perspectives, Integrated Management Perspectives, Global Study Requirement, Electives Year 2: Electives
  • Yale MBA students can take electives without limit outside the School of Management
  • Rankings: #17 Financial Times 2015, #19 Economist 2014, #13 US News & World Report 2016, #6 Bloomberg Businessweek 2014
  • Accredited by AACSB
  • Joint Degrees: architecture, divinity, healthcare (medicine), healthcare (management), international studies, law, Accelerated MBA/MPH, MEM or MF, MPH, MFA, MA Global Affairs, MBA/PhD

Admissions (19:16)

  • 3 deadlines from Sep – Apr, get a decision within 2-3 months
  • 2756 applications received, 652 admitted, 323 enrolled, 24% acceptance rate
  • Avg GMAT: 720 (80% range 680 – 760), Avg GPA: 3.56 (80% range 3.17 – 3.87)
  • GRE accepted
  • Avg age: 28, Avg work experience: 5 years (80% range 2.7 – 8.3), work experience strongly encouraged
  • No TOEFL or IELTS required
  • Interviews done by trained second year students (75%) or admissions committee (25%)

Financing (33:27)

  • Full-time MBA Tuition: $63,380 USD/year so ~$126,760 total
  • Recommended budget: $25,120 USD/year, so roughly $50,250 USD
  • 1/3 of class awarded scholarships, amounts range from $10,000 to full-tuition; average amount around $20,000
  • Scholarships are merit-based and awarded with offer
  • Int’l students don’t need a cosigner for loans
  • Yale has loan-forgiveness program for graduates who enter non-profit or government careers

Career (39:46)

  • Yale SOM MBA – Full-time placement report for Class of 2014 (yes)
  • 89% of graduates had jobs within 3 months of graduation
  • Median Salary (bonus): $110,00 ($35,000)
  • Graduates in 2011 experienced 96% increase in salary 3 years later
  • Top 5 regions graduates worked in: 59% Northeast US, 21% West US, 13% MidAtlantic US, 9% International, 5% MidWest
  • Top 5 functions: 37% Consulting, 30% Finance/Accounting, 11% General Management, 9% Marketing/Sales, 6% Operations/Logistics
  • Top employers: McKinsey, JP Morgan, Amazon, Google, Bank of America
  • 7,000 alumni worldwide in 30 countries, 52 alumni clubs

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