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#94 US Visas: What International MBA Students Need to Know About Working and Staying in the US

Emma Fisher, NYU Stern MBA '15

The US government is overwhelmed with people who want to work in the US. The process is designed to be difficult. It’s not personal. Their priority is to find US citizens jobs. You can get really frustrated and it’s hard not to take it personally, but you have to understand that. It does work out for a lot of people… International students can show they are more adaptable and resilient and can handle whatever comes at them – that you’re going to be successful no matter where you are – that’s the advantage you sell to the schools you’re applying to and the companies you’re recruiting for.”

Emma Fisher, NYU Stern MBA ’15, joins the show to discuss what international MBA students must know about working in the US during and after their US MBA. Emma and Darren walk through the common visa path for most international students – from F1 student visa to OPT/CPT to H1B. Emma also shares ways international students can maximize their chances of working in the US post-MBA.

About Our Guest

Emma Fisher is a Canadian who graduated from NYU Stern MBA in 2015. Emma pursued a US MBA to switch careers from private equity to luxury brand marketing. She currently works as a Merchandise Planner for Canada Goose in Toronto.

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