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#134 Successful MBAs, Leadership & High Performing Teams with Prof. Randall S Peterson of LBS

Professor Randall S Peterson of London Business School

“Find opportunities to grow your interpersonal and leadership skills. Get yourself engaged in the activities that happen around the school. When I was a student, I enjoyed doing it. I remember having classmates saying, ‘that’s not the real world, that’s a waste of time.’ You know what? The stuff that I learned being active in student activities is exactly the same set of interpersonal skills you need to go to the workplace to get your colleague down the hallway to work and cooperate with you on a project. I would say the successful MBA is the one who is fully engaged with everything going on at b-school.”  – Randall S Peterson

Guest Host and London Business School (LBS) MBA Mathias Keller invites Dr. Randall S Peterson, Professor of Organisational Behaviour and the Academic Director of the Leadership Institute at LBS, to share his thoughts on successful MBA students, how to develop leadership skills, and how to build high performing teams. Don’t miss this episode to sample leadership lessons you’d learn at one of the world’s top business schools.


  • What makes a successful MBA student? (7:10)
  • How do you develop leadership skills? (16:02)
  • How do you build high performing, diverse teams? (29:19)

About our Guest Host, Matthias Keller

Mathias Keller, LBS MBA

Mathias Keller is currently an MBA student at the London Business School. Prior to starting his MBA, Mathias worked as a German diplomat in Bangladesh and Afghanistan focusing on human rights and counterterrorism. He is interested in pursuing a career at the intersection of business and government. Mathias will intern at McKinsey Berlin this summer.

About Randall S Peterson

Professor Randall S Peterson is Academic Director of the Leadership Institute. His current research activities include investigating: leading diverse teams, how CEO personality affects top management team interaction, leadership transitions in organisations, board effectiveness, conflict management in teams, and the effects of member personality on group interaction and performance.

As Professor of Organisational Behaviour at London Business School, he teaches Executive Education and MBA programmes on leading teams and organisations, high performance teams, leadership assessment, and interpersonal skill development.

Professor Peterson holds a PhD in Social Psychology from the University of California, Berkeley. Prior to joining London Business School, he was on the faculty of Northwestern University and Cornell University’s SC Johnson Graduate School of Management. He is a former Deputy Dean (Faculty), Subject Area Chair of Organisational Behaviour, Chair of the Ph.D. Programme, and Vice President of the Campaign Committee of London Business School.


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