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#96 Career Tips for Spain MBAs with Amber Wigmore Alvarez

Amber Wigmore Alvarez

“Applicants should have clarity about where they want to go to determine the best program for them. At the same time, we’re flexible and view career strategy as a blank canvas. We work to determine each student’s career status. We’ve designed 3 specific road maps: soul searcher, career changer and vertical advancement. We recommend different priorities and time investments for each road map in terms of preparation, exploration and go-to-market activities.”

Amber Wigmore Alvarez, Executive Director of Career Services for IE, shares her best career tips for international MBA students considering top business schools in Spain. Amber and Darren discuss work conditions for non-EU nationals, Spain’s new visa policy, achieving career goals in a 1-year program, and placement trends for IE MBA graduates.

About Our Guest

Amber Wigmore Alvarez is Executive Director of Career Services at IE Business School, Law School and University, where she manages a team of 30 people in the areas of Career Advising, Career Education and Recruiter Relations. She oversees career services for 5,000 current students, 50,000 global alumni and over 4,000 recruiting partners. Amber got her International MBA from IE in 2000 and hosts a monthly podcast focused on career journeys.

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