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#68 Four Tips to Show School Fit

MBA School Fit

There’s no perfect school for everyone, so the saying goes. Education, like love, is all about fit.

Top business schools are looking for candidates that would fit with their program, culture, and values. And you should be looking for programs that match your goals too. How can you demonstrate fit in your MBA application without sounding disingenuous or even worse, like everyone else?

Darren shares 4 common mistakes applicants make when trying to prove school fit. This comes from reading thousands of applications. Listen on to learn 4 simple strategies you can use to convincingly demonstrate you belong at your target schools.

  1. Remember, there is no perfect school for you
  2. Speak the same language as the tribe
  3. Don’t repeat the school’s marketing pitch; fit should reveal you
  4. Avoid using school buzzwords; embody them instead

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