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#107 Queen’s MBA Admissions Interview with Matt Reesor – “Team-based”

Matt Reesor, Director of Queen's MBA, Smith School of Business

“You’re actually with the same team for all your core courses. Roughly half your grade in each discipline will be derived from your team-based performance. Maybe that’s a team presentation, assignments, reports… We hold students accountable to just not working in teams but working successfully in teams.

Matt Reesor from Queen’s University Smith School of Business joins the show to discuss what makes the Queen’s MBA unique, the school’s admissions process and career opportunities for Queen’s MBA students.

Program Highlights (3:00) | Admissions (25:10) | Scholarships (51:40) | Careers (56:30)

Queen’s MBA Highlights 

  • January intake, 12 months, 80 students/year
  • Students are assigned to a team for the core of the program (6 months), and a significant portion of students’ overall grade is derived from teamwork
  • Each student gets assigned a Team Coach, Career Coach, Executive Coach and Lifestyle Coach during program
  • Offers 6 specializations in Consulting, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Finance, Healthcare Management, Marketing & Sales, General Management
  • Ranked #1 in Canada for Salary Increase and Value for Money by Financial Times in 2017, and #1 for Salary and Job Placement by Bloomberg Businessweek in 2016
  • Top Destinations for Class of 2016: 88% Canada / 6% USA / 2% Asia / 2% Europe / 2% Latin America
  • Top Industries for Class of 2016: 30% Finance / 25% Consulting / 18% Other / 13% Technology & Telecommunications / 6% Retail / 4% Healthcare / 4% Energy & Resources

About Our Guest

Matthew Reesor is the Director of the Queen’s MBA at Smith School of Business. He has held administrative leadership and faculty positions at Nagoya University of Commerce and Business (NUCB) and Queen’s University. His research, focusing primarily on communications and language policy, has been published and widely referenced in academic journals.

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