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#158 Quantless in Cornell with Gregory Wool, Cornell Johnson MBA ’21

“Given that I had a Bachelors in Fine Arts degree and had no quant in my undergrad transcript, and that my career was heavy on personnel management side and light on the quantitative analysis side, I had to do something to demonstrate to the schools that I wasn’t going to drown in the curriculum.”

Gregory Wool, Cornell Johnson MBA ’21, scored below average on the quantitative section of the GMAT. How did he overcome this score to not only get into Cornell Johnson, but win a prestigious tuition free scholarship? Gregory also shares his experience surviving a packed first semester, leading the student consulting club, and recruiting into strategy consulting.


  • Gregory’s application and GMAT journey (4:40)
  • What Gregory did to overcome his low quant score (8:50)
  • Gregory’s experience with Cornell’s L.E.A.D. admissions event (12:45)
  • Gregory’s career goals and how they affected his MBA search (18:50)
  • Winning a Roy H. Park Leadership Fellowship (22:40)
  • The importance of speaking to current students (24:30)
  • Surviving first semester FOMO and coursework (26:50)
  • Becoming an officer at Johnson Consulting club (32:12)
  • Recruiting into consulting: clubs, case competitions, career working groups, and live consulting projects (36:15)
  • Social life at Cornell Johnson (48:00)
  • Being an older MBA candidate (54:00)
  • Cornell’s Present Value Podcast (58:16)

About Gregory

Gregory Wool worked as a Director of Operations at two boutique resorts before attending the Cornell Johnson MBA, where he is a first year MBA candidate and Roy H. Park Leadership Fellow. Gregory is also President of the Johnson Consulting Club, and Producer of the Present Value Podcast. Gregory got a Bachelors in Fine Arts in Dramatic Performance from the University of Cincinnati College – Conservatory of Music.

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