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#67 MBA vs MSc vs Masters in Management – Which is the Right Masters Degree for You?

Dirk Hopfl IE

“You can take general management programs [Masters in Management, MBA, EMBA] at every level of your professional experience… take a specialized Masters if you want to focus further in one particular area.”

What is the difference between Masters in Management, MBA and specialized Masters degrees? Which one makes most sense for you?

A number of you coming to Touch MBA for school selection help are considering multiple Masters programs so I thought it would be good to dedicate one short episode to covering key differences from an admissions, curriculum, career and reputation perspective.

Dirk is involved in all 3 programs for IE Business School so I played the role of “applicant” and asked him common questions I get.

If you have questions about which business Masters degree fits you best, let us know in the comments and Dirk and I will try to help you out.

About Our Guest

Dirk Hopfl is Director, IE Center Singapore for IE Business School. Dirk got his MBA from IE in 1999 and done admissions and development for IE’s graduate and undergraduate programs for over 15 years.

Listen on for the insider’s scoop…


  • What is the difference between an MBA and Masters in Management (MiM) and who should apply to each? (3:00)
  • How is the curriculum for an MBA and MiM different? (4:10)
  • What are the difference in career options for MBA and MiM graduates? (5:08)
  • Do MiM programs have internships? (7:05)
  • Do MiM students get the same career support as MBAs? (8:20)
  • When are you too old to apply for MiM? (9:03)
  • What qualities are admissions officers looking for from MiM applicants? (10:00)
  • Why should you target a specialized Masters vs. MBA or MiM? (10:35)
  • How do companies view specialized Masters graduates vs MBA graduates? (12:12)
  • What work experience is required for specialized Masters programs? (14:15)
  • Does the MBA give you more career latitude after graduation? (16:15)
  • Dirk’s concluding comments on the differences between these 3 masters programs (16:46)

Show Notes


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