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#53 A Quick Guide to Researching School Strengths

The MBA Physical

What’s the best MBA program for supply chain management? Or entrepreneurship? Or marketing?

Many applicants who come to Touch MBA for help picking schools have this exact question. One of the biggest frustrations candidates have is figuring out the key advantages of schools. As one listener wrote, “It’s difficult to know which one is the best in a certain area.”

In this episode, Darren gives a 3-step framework for quickly and effectively researching a school’s academic strengths – “The MBA Physical.”

  1. Heart – the people
  2. Skeleton – the course structure
  3. Muscle – the jobs

Listen on for what key things to look for in each of these areas. Each school should take about 20 minutes to research – definitely worth your time!

You can also download this template to carry out your school specialization research.

See you next week!

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