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#44 MBA Jobs in Hong Kong & China with CUHK Career Services Director Marjorie Chang

Marjorie Chang MBA Jobs in Hong Kong

“Every student coming in should have 2-3 target companies in mind. See if these companies have operations and growth plans in Asia… if you’re thinking of moving to Hong Kong, China or Singapore, look at jobs that are relevant to your experience and try applying for them… An MBA is an important investment, so you have to get yourself better prepared so you know more about the market before you come. There are a lot of hurdles in front of you, but if you know them earlier, you’ll manage your expectations and you will get results.”

The world’s economic center is shifting East, and MBA programs are adjusting their offerings – and marketing pitches – accordingly. HKUST markets itself as “the best in Asia,” NUS as “the gateway to Asia” and CEIBS as giving students “the China edge.”

This week I sat down with Marjorie Chang, Director of CUHK’s Career Management Centre, to separate fact from fiction. Do MBAs really have more opportunities in Asia? How can international students best prepare themselves for successful careers in Hong Kong and China? And what are multinational and local employers looking for in candidates?

Marjorie has helped CUHK MBAs find jobs for nearly 8 years. I love her direct answers. Listen on to get an “on the ground” picture of the job market in Hong Kong and China. You’ll also get insight into how MBA admissions evaluates your post-MBA career goals.

MBA Jobs in Hong Kong – Questions Asked:

  • How can int’l applicants best prepare themselves to land a job in Hong Kong & China (2:51)
  • How can applicants best research industries and job opportunities (6:45)
  • What advantages and obstacles do int’l students face in the job market? (13:54)
  • Have MBA salaries been growing? (20:59)
  • What are the advantages of working in Hong Kong? (22:32)
  • Are visas in Hong Kong difficult to get? (24:26)
  • How can students build their MBA and career network in Hong Kong & China? (25:46)
  • Case studies of successful international students who found jobs (29:19)
  • How can students have clear post-MBA career goals yet stay open to other options? (35:58)
  • What do you wish more MBA candidates knew about before they came to Asia to pursue their MBA? (39:05)

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Show Notes

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