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#95 MBA Careers in Social Impact

Pin Chin Kwok, UC Berkeley Haas MBA '09

“Think about your social impact career like a checkerboard. This industry is not well-trodden. Try different functions, move from non-profit to private sector, go back, go into government, go back… that exposure is really important because the world’s pressing problems are really complex and a lot of times one entity or one sector can’t solve it alone. Being in different sectors also enhances your skillset… you will probably move a lot faster and have a much richer experience if you think about your career in social impact in a non-linear fashion.”

Pin Chin Kwok, UC Berkeley Haas MBA ’09, shares her journey pursuing a social impact career as an MBA applicant, student and alumni. Pin majored in Finance & Operations Research at NYU and worked 7 years at Citi in the finance industry before starting her MBA. Pin and Darren discuss what social impact applicants (broadly defined as those who want to work in corporate social responsibility, social entrepreneurship, non-profit, government/public policy, and corporate social responsibility) should look for when shortlisting MBA programs, securing internships/jobs in the sector, and planning their careers.

About Our Guest

Pin Chin Kwok is a Singaporean who graduated from UC Berkeley Haas in 2009, where she was co-chair of the Global Social Venture Competition and a Haas Merit Scholar. She pursued an MBA to move from finance to the social impact space. She is currently Innovation Director for LumenLab, a MetLife Innovation Centre, focused on health care innovations. She lives in Singapore with her husband Stefan (also a Haas grad!) and daughter Jodi.

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