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#139 Breaking into Energy & Sustainability (as an MBA)

Vince Faherty, London Business School MBA '10

“The industry needs more people, it needs more talent. There’s a tremendous business opportunity for the transition we need to make to a cleaner, more efficient grid, both in fuels and power… it’s a great opportunity for people like MBA students who want to devote themselves to both a growth industry and one that makes sense for the planet.”

What do MBA applicants need to know about breaking into the energy industry?

Darren invites Vince Faherty, London Business School MBA ’10, to share his experience moving up from a Marketing Manager to Director at EnerNOC and then moving to Nest & Google, where he is currently Head of Northeast & Midwest Energy Partnerships. Vince shares what it’s like to attend business school during one of the worst recessions in history and MBA career lessons he’s distilled since attending LBS 10 years ago.

This is Part 8 of our MBA Career Series. Looking for more career-related podcasts? Click here.


  • Vince’s background (3:53)
  • Why Vince, an American, applied to London Business School (12:50)
  • How Vince landed his internship & job (17:04)
  • Vince’s tips for networking with alumni (30:08)
  • An overview of the recruiting process (36:36)
  • What do applicants need to know about succeeding in industry (43:58)
  • Vince’s recommended resources (49:06)
  • Vince’s thoughts on the future of the renewable energy industry (51:32)
  • 10 years later, Vince reflects on the value of his MBA (55:00)

About Our Guest

Vince Faherty got his MBA from the London Business School in 2010 and is currently Head of Northeast & Midwest Energy Partnerships at Google in Boston. Previously, he worked at EnerNOC for over 7 years, most recently as Director of Utility Solutions & Market Development. Vince got his B.A. in History from Princeton University.

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