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#122 Breaking into Data and Business Analytics (as an MBA)

Shane Rai, Co-Founder of TenPoint7

“AI is going to transfer every industry, it’s already happening. It hasn’t reached many mid-market and smaller companies because there’s a big cost barrier at the moment… But it’s just a matter of time until AI becomes democratized and available to companies. It’s just a matter of time where industry after industry gets totally transformed.”

Roughly one third of the top 100 business schools have started Masters in Business or Data Analytics programs, in response to the growing need for workers who can leverage data assets for competitive advantage.

What do MBA applicants need to know about MBA careers in the growing industry of data and business analytics?

Darren invites Shane Rai, Co-Founder of TenPoint7, a machine learning-as-a-service company, to share his experience as a technology consultant turned entrepreneur in the data analytics and service industry.

This is Part 4 of our MBA Career Series. Looking for more career-related podcasts? Click here.


  • Shane’s background (3:39)
  • The difference between data science, data analytics and business analytics (7:00)
  • How to break into the industry (11:00)
  • What background & experience are data-centric companies looking for? (15:13)
  • Is AI going to take over the world? (20:30)
  • Selling data intelligence services (24:30)
  • Interviewing for a data analytics role – what you need to know (26:41)
  • Real world examples of data analytics in action (33:24)
  • Worst parts of the job (37:50)
  • Shane’s recommended resources (39:46)
  • Shane’s final thoughts on the data analytics industry (41:20)

About Our Guest

After graduating from the University of Washington with a degree in Computing and Software Systems, Shane Rai worked 7 years for Deloitte Consulting in the technology service area, and then 2 years as Product Manager for SDL Social, which provides social media analytics and intelligence tools. Shane currently leads product development for TenPoint7, a machine-learning-as-a-service and data consulting provider based in Seattle.

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