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#130 Breaking into CPG (Consumer Package Goods) as an MBA

“The people who have a genuine passion, interest and knowledge about what your company is doing are always the people that standout. We don’t want to be your safety pick. We want to make sure people are genuinely motivated by what we’re trying to do for the consumer and business. The absolute number 1 thing is to know and understand the business as well as you can.”

What do you need to know about MBA recruiting for top Consumer Package Goods (CPG) companies? Darren invites Ana Archbold, Michigan Ross MBA ’07, to share her experience working for companies like Kraft Foods, Unilever, and Johnson & Johnson, where she is currently a Senior Marketing Director for Neutrogena. Darren and Ana pay special attention to the recruiting process and what applicants can do to maximize their chances of landing internships and jobs. Ana also shares her thoughts on working internationally after getting a top US MBA.

This is Part 6 of our MBA Career Series. Looking for more career-related podcasts? Click here.


  • Ana’s background (2:54 )
  • The importance of internships (5:48)
  • Ana’s tips to applicants on how they can get a leg up (9:16)
  • What are top CPG companies looking for in hires? (16:24)
  • The recruiting process (21:15)
  • How important is prior industry experience? (25:20)
  • Interviews (27:08)
  • How interns are evaluated for full-time offers (30:15)
  • Ana’s advice to international students applying for US jobs & internships (37:09)
  • How Ana landed a senior marketing role abroad in the UK (43:20)
  • Ana’s final advice to applicants (46:55)

About Our Guest

Ana Archbold got her MBA from Michigan Ross in 2007 and is currently a Senior Global Marketing Manager for Neutrogena, a Johnson & Johnson brand, in New York City. Previously, she worked as a Global Brand Manager, doing Strategy & Innovation for Unilever in London. Ana has over 15 years of experience in the marketing and brand management.

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