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#41 Manchester Business School MBA Admissions Talk with Elaine Ferneley “Our program is practice-based”

Manchester Business School MBA Program Director Elaine Ferneley

“Over 600 hours of our program – about a third of a program – is on client facing project work. So rather than doing classroom exercises, our MBAs work with corporate clients on significant pieces of work in commercial locations, on business problems that the organizations need addressing in a very practical way.”

Professor Elaine Ferneley, MBA Director at Manchester Business School, joined the show to share more about the Manchester MBA, located in Manchester, UK.

Interesting things I learned about the Manchester MBA:

  • They don’t call it “practice based” learning for nothing. Manchester MBAs are required to do 3 live consultancy projects –  requiring over 600 client facing hours – over the 18 month program. The first consulting project starts on Day 2!  Students are often working for companies 3.5 days during the week. This way all students get substantial experience working for big name companies before they graduate – and many end up with jobs at these organizations.

  • Manchester also has its own admissions test, which includes a psychometric evaluation of applicant’s personality. Could this be a future trend in MBA admissions?

  • Elaine made it very clear that the adcom places a strong focus on interpersonal skills in the application – so be sure to prepare for the interview.  Manchester puts its students in front of companies on Day 2, so your soft skills have to be strong from the start.

  • The school has the top ranked accounting/finance group in the UK.

  • Manchester is the largest provider of transnational MBA education in the world, delivering its MBA program in the UK, Dubai, Shanghai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Miami and Sao Paolo.

The Manchester MBA in a Tweet: practice-based learning, a good life and good fun!

Darren’s take: if you want to get multiple and intensive real-world consulting experience during your Full-time MBA, you should consider the Manchester MBA.

Manchester Business School MBA

Touch MBA’s Manchester MBA Essentials

Program Highlights (0:30)

  • Manchester Business School founded in 1965, and was the first business school in the UK
  • 1 intake/year in September
  • Length: 18 months
  • Campus in Manchester, is 2 hours from London
  • 100-120 participants/intake
  • ~30 nationalities, 85-90% international
  • Top 3 strengths as rated by alumni: international business, corporate strategy, general management
  • Rankings: #29 Financial Times 2013
  • Accredited by AACSB, EQUIS, AMBA

Admissions (12:30)

  • 10 deadline “stages” from Oct to July
  • Candidates encouraged to apply in earlier rounds as more seats are available
  • Avg GMAT: 630 (80% range 560 – 710). Candidates can also opt to take the Manchester Admissions test
  • GPA: candidates expected to be top 25% of university class
  • Avg age: 29, Avg work experience: 6, 3 years min work experience required
  • Min TOEFL: 90 (internet), IELTS: 6.5
  • Interviews conducted by program director, faculty and alumni
  • Looking for people with strong interpersonal skills, character, and who stand out

Financing (24:00)

  • Full-time MBA Tuition: £38,800, roughly $60,840
  • Recommended living expenses: £15,200, roughly $25,275
  • 50% of participants awarded scholarships
  • Most scholarship range from £8,000 – £20,000. Full scholarships are also available.
  • International students encouraged to apply for loans in their home countries

Career (26:37)

  • Full-time placement report? Yes
  • 88% of graduates had jobs within 3 months of graduation
  • Average Salary (Bonus): $116,000 after 3 years
  • Graduates experienced 111% increase in salary after 3 years
  • ~30% of graduates end up in Finance sector
  • 40,000 alumni worldwide in 161 countries
  • If hired, students get a Tier 2 visa

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3 thoughts on “#41 Manchester Business School MBA Admissions Talk with Elaine Ferneley “Our program is practice-based”

  1. MBA at MBS it is a ripp off. They are thieves. If uou want to get good education and business experience, do not choose MBS.

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  3. Two years ago, I took my Global MBA. One of the courses is “Doing business in Brazil.”, it was a bad experience and unfair marking system. All the communications were through the emails, however, most of our marks from workshop assignments or exam. Unfortunately, “Doing Business in Brazil were based on online discussion(no marking guideline) before lecture and assignment after the lecture. You can get your marks by typing some casual conversation without research. The school did not inform me on online feedbacks as part of grading before the lecture. I believe I did not receive THIS IMPORTANT email. I got 80%+ marks for the assignment after the lecture but I have zero for my online discussion. After I know my mark, I made a complaint to the head of school about unfair online marking system and bad communication. I discussed with Professor Elaine Ferneley (head of global MBA), she told me to wait, she will get back to me. Until today, I have not got any feedback from her yet. I feel Professor Elaine Ferneley not care about this trivial issue and she pay lip service. I graduated 2015, my grade in my “Doing Business in Brazil Global” is still same pass but “D”. Perhaps, you may ask, why bother? I still can’t let go after all these years because it was not my fault for uninformed grading system before the lecture, secondly, it was a bad grading based on casual discussion to get the mark. Third, Professor Elaine Ferneley doesn’t care about student grade and this unfair treatment. Fourth, I wasted my time and money in the course “Doing business in Brazil.” Students have to travel to Brazil with their own expenses for no learning value. Do they still care about the student mark?

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