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#154 Management Leadership for Tomorrow (MLT) & The Consortium: What You Need to Know with Cristian Molina Cornejo, Tuck MBA ’21

“The best way to take advantage of these programs is not only to get immersed in them but also to look at them as a vehicle to help the next generation. The brand is on us now. How do we keep it going and how do we get the next generation of people into these processes so they can also reach the higher echelons of wealth, leadership in businesses, and business schools?” – Cristian Molina Cornejo

Cristian Molina Cornejo, Tuck MBA ’21, shares how MBA applicants can take advantage of two pre-MBA programs that champion diversity and inclusion: Management Leadership for Tomorrow (MLT) and the Consortium. Cristian also gives his best application tips after getting into four out of five top 20 US MBA programs.


  • Cristian’s background (3:20)
  • What you need to know about MLT (14:25)
  • What you need to know about Consortium (26:00)
  • MLT’s Professional Development program and its network (30:55)
  • How to make the most out of MLT and Consortium (40:50)
  • Cristian’s best application tips after getting into four top schools (45:10)
  • Cristian’s thoughts on Tuck (52:50)

About Cristian

Cristian is a first year MBA at the Tuck School of Business. Prior to starting his MBA, Cristian graduated from UC Davis with a degree in Economics, and worked for Energeia, a research and advisory firm in energy technology and electronics.

Show Notes


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