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#152 Kishōtenketsu

Crazy Lady, Kishōtenketsu by Olivia Stephens

source: “Crazy Lady” by Olivia Stephens (Rhode Island School of Design)

Do you feel like your MBA story is a bit bland? Or uninspiring compared to the applicant profiles you see online? What if you haven’t overcome insurmountable odds or accomplished something amazing?

Darren explores the possibilities of kishōtenketsu – a four act story structure used by Japanese and Chinese writers for centuries. What makes this story structure interesting is that it relies on contrast – not conflict – to generate interest.

Kishōtenketsu in 4 acts:

  1. Ki (start)
  2. Shō (development)
  3. Ten (twist)
  4. Ketsu (conclusion)

Listen on for ways you can use this Eastern story structure to keep admissions officers’ attention AND demonstrate your self-awareness.

Show Notes

source: Still Eating Oranges


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