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#77 Internships, Jobs & Social Life at MIT Sloan


“If you know where you want to live, I’d focus your business school search in that vicinity. Your network is naturally going to be stronger wherever your school is based. I wouldn’t worry so much about the rankings as much as going to the best place you can in the location you want to be.”

Darren talks to Andrew, a recent MIT Sloan MBA graduate, about his internship and job search experience at Sloan. Andrew worked for Target as a Senior Analyst doing business intelligence and analytics before business school. He landed an internship with Uniqlo (one of the world’s top 5 retailers) in New York City and will be heading to Northern California to work for Apple this month. This episode will give you a great feel for how recruiting works at top US business schools and what to look out for as you shortlist programs based on your career goals. The two also talk about social life at MIT Sloan and what to look forward to. Enjoy!


  1. Why Andrew applied to MIT Sloan (2:00)
  2. How Andrew found his internship with Uniqlo (3:06)
  3. Securing internships in a different industry or function (8:08)
  4. How Andrew found his job with Apple & tech recruiting at MIT Sloan (13:12)
  5. The job search process at MIT Sloan (17:15)
  6. The role of alumni in the recruiting process (19:00)
  7. Andrew’s school selection advice for MBA applicants (20:25)
  8. MBA social life: Year 1 vs. Year 2 (22:10)
  9. Andrew’s thoughts on classmates and culture at MIT Sloan (28:30)

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