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#74 How to Overcome a Low GPA

C-Plus Low GPA

Dozens of MBA applicants come to Touch MBA every month for free school selection help and a common concern is how to overcome a low GPA. How can you show top-ranked programs that you will perform well in an intense Master’s level program? That you belong with other MBA candidates who got A and B+ averages as undergraduates?

Applicants with low GPAs need to send 2 signals: 1) that they’re academically capable and 2) that they have a strong work ethic. Listen on for 7 concrete ways you can communicate these qualities in your application to tackle a low GPA.

  1. Scoring well on GMAT
  2. Performing well in other academic environments (Masters Degrees) or tests (CFA, CPA, etc)
  3. Highlighting work experience that demonstrates your hard business skills
  4. Securing recommendations that rank you highly for intellectual ability
  5. Taking pre-MBA classes (MBA Math, online courses, community college courses)
  6. “The Shaq Rule” – being so strong employability and ambassadorial-wise that you’ll still be a net contributor
  7. Using your optional essay to explain (not excuse) the context surrounding your GPA

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