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#128 How I Got Into Insead

“If you want something bad enough, it will happen. And it all happens through hard work and dedication. I don’t think I would have gotten in Insead if I didn’t pull out all the stops, if I didn’t study 30 hours a week for the GMAT, if I didn’t reach out to all these alumni, if I didn’t go visit the campus. I think if you’re really passionate about something it will be easy to do those things. It’s painful in the moment. But if you’re thinking about that goal it will motivate you to push through and make it happen.”

Massine Bouzerar, a 25-year old Canadian, was backpacking through Myanmar in July when he realized he wanted to start his MBA asap. First round deadlines were looming in September. Within 3 months he wrote the GMAT and submitted a successful application to Insead. What should you do when your back is against the wall? Massine shares his experience and what he did to get accepted to one of the world’s top MBA programs: Insead.

About Our Guest

Massine Bouzerar worked as a product manager for two leading Canadian telecommunication companies before starting his current role as a Manager for E-Commerce Strategy at Ecobee. Massine graduated from Brock University where he majored in Finance. He’ll start at Insead in Fall 2018.

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