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#127 HKU MBA Program & Admissions Update with Sachin Tipnis

Sachin Tipnis, Executive Director of MBA Programmes at HKU

“Treat an MBA interview like a job interview. When you’re applying for a job, you tend to do more research. What kind of role is this? What kind of a company is this? Do I see myself doing well career-wise with this company? Does it fit well with what I’m looking for? I suggest people do the same when choosing schools. And then the conversation during the interview is better. Because you’re well informed about the program, the questions you ask and input you provide are better.

Sachin Tipnis from the University of Hong Kong discusses what makes the HKU MBA unique, the school’s admissions process and career opportunities for HKU MBAs.

Program Highlights (5:15) | Admissions (26:00) | Scholarships (38:36) | Careers (44:27)

HKU MBA Highlights (last updated Jan 2018)

  • 14-months, Fall intake, 55-60 students/year
  • Typical Class: 6-7 years work exp / 15 nationalities / 660 GMAT
  • Has 3 tracks: the London track, the New York track, and the Hong Kong/China track. After finishing 9 months of core courses at HKU, students can study at Columbia University in New York, London Business School in London, or Fudan University in Shanghai for one semester
  • HKU has 2 rounds of interviews. The first is similar to a job interview; those that pass the first round may be required to give a presentation in the second round
  • Graduates get a 1-year visa to stay in Hong Kong and find a job post-graduation
  • Placement, Class of 2015 & 2016: 85% w/job offers w/in 3 months, $77,265 USD avg starting salary (Economist MBA Ranking 2017)
  • Top Destinations, Class of 2015 & 2016: 48% Hong Kong / 24% Mainland China / 7% India / 7% Europe / 7% other Asia
  • Top Industries, Class of 2015 & 2016: 32% Banking, Finance, Accounting, Insurance  / 29% Consulting, Advisory Services / 19% Consumer Products & Services / 9% IT, Telecoms
  • Top Functions, Class of 2015 & 2016: 28% Finance / 27% Strategy, Planning, Consulting / 18% Sales & Marketing, Business Development / 7% Supply Chain
  • Ranked #1 Asian Business School by Economist for 8 straight years

About Our Guest

Sachin Tipnis is the Executive Director of MBA Programmes at the University of Hong Kong. Sachin was part of HKU’s first graduating MBA class and has worked for over a decade developing the HKU MBA. Sachin worked in branding and marketing communications for 7 years before working in higher education.

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