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#36 Cornell Tech Johnson MBA Admissions Q&A with Christine Sneva “We’re focused on the next leaders of the digital economy”

Cornell Tech Johnson MBA Admissions Director Christine Sneva

“Cornell Tech in partnership with Johnson is really set to change the paradigm of technology education and innovation and really focus on who the next leaders are in the digital economy. We’ve completely redone an MBA, we’ve completely redone the admissions process, it’s not like anything out there…”

Christine and I talk about the exciting new MBA collaboration between Cornell Tech and the Johnson School in New York City that starts next year. What makes it different from Cornell’s traditional MBA? Who should apply? And what should candidates keep in mind when applying to this 1-year program? For the first couple years the program will be held in Google’s Manhattan office in the Chelsea district before moving to its state of the art Roosevelt island campus.

Listen on (above) or watch the video (below) for the skinny on this exciting new offering from Cornell.

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