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#115 Charting Your Own Path in China with Jesse Miller, CEIBS MBA ’17

“I felt when selecting business schools I wasn’t going to apply for standard MBA jobs where employers are sifting through hundreds of MBA resumes for typical MBA roles. I was really thinking more ‘I’m going to leverage a platform to chart my own path.’ So for me I wasn’t as concerned with rankings. I was thinking, ‘where am I going to have the greatest opportunities and resources.’

Why did an American Ivy League graduate decide to pursue an MBA in China?

In 2015 Jesse Miller decided to pursue his MBA at CEIBS, ranked #11 worldwide by the Financial Times in 2017 and China’s top-ranked program.

Jesse discusses the pros and cons of pursuing a top-ranked MBA in Asia, his experience as a minority American student at CEIBS (Shanghai) and ISB (Hyderabad) where he studied one semester, and how he jumped from working in fashion to the entertainment industry. Jesse also shares his thoughts on the startup and entrepreneurship environments in China.

Listen to one applicant’s take on using the MBA to chart your own path.


  • Jesse’s background  (4:06)
  • Why Jesse chose to study in China after graduating from a top US university (7:14)
  • The case for and against getting an MBA in China (9:06)
  • How Jesse secured his internship and job  (14:50)
  • CEIBS’ alumni network and student clubs (17:26)
  • Jesse’s thoughts on CEIBS’ reputation inside and outside of China (21:00)
  • Exchanging for 3 months at the Indian School of Business (23:00)
  • Jesse’s thoughts on the startup and entertainment industry in China (27:20)
  • Jesse’s final thoughts on who should pursue MBAs in China (33:16)

About Our Guest

Jesse Miller graduated from Brown University where he majored in Political Science and Government. He then led the expansion of his family jewelry business into China. At CEIBS, Jesse was President of the CEIBS MBA Energy and Environment Club and played an active role in CEIBS eLab Incubator. Jesse speaks fluent Chinese and recently started working as an International Development Manager at Shanghai Media Group, one of China’s largest media conglomerates.

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